How to choose the Perfect Post Hole Auger

An ideal post hole auger should give you the capacity to easily look holes, nevertheless if you choose a powered or handbook version. It’s crucial to look for the characteristics listed here before purchasing an auger.

#1. Quality Blades

The blades of the auger are very important because they supply you with the capability to drill down openings. With badly constructed blades, or blades manufactured from reduced grade metal, they are going to crack right after arriving in contact with something under the area besides earth.

They are also vulnerable to chipping and cracking the greater you use them. Some of the highest-high quality cutting blades are made from carbon dioxide metal or stainless-steel, causing them to be difficult enough to chew through stuffed dirt without the damage.

You’ll also realize that they’ll keep going longer when preserved for example wiping them down after use to stop rust.

#2. Heat-Dealt with Gears

As augers rely on torque to pry away on the dirt, their gears are put under intensive stress through making the little bit transform regularly.

With heat-taken care of gears, you won’t need to worry about them eliminating out and deteriorating quickly when you’re utilizing heavily loaded world.

#3. Anti-Vibration Handles

This really is more of a ease when compared to a requirement. Nonetheless, anti-vibrations deals with make it much more cozy to function your auger to have an prolonged time period.

You aren’t as very likely to experience hand numbness and pain. Also, you’ll see the tiredness inside your biceps and triceps is going to be substantially much less when utilizing a powered auger.

#4. Opposite Items

Its not all post hole augers include reversing gears, meaning you’ll must pry the auger from the ground once you’ve completed digging.

If you’re trapped in a root program, it can be much simpler to get a change items, instead of needing to manually get the tad loosened from any particles.

#5. Finger Regulates

Having access to all the control keys and switches to operate your auger close at hand is essential. This offers you the opportunity to easily begin the device in addition to quickly quit it, if needed.

A lot of the best-tier hands post hole auger models attribute easily accessible manages. You’ll want to be able to manage the throttle and also the power switches effortlessly.

#6. Adaptable Add-ons

It’s likely you’re going to wish to use your post hole auger for over one particular task, specifically if you take pleasure in ice cubes sportfishing as well.

You also won’t want to purchase two individual augers when you can easily find a engine that is made to manage both planet and ice-cubes digging.

Ensure the design you choose lets you use different attachments that cover all of your favorite activities. Another essential a part of flexibility is the opportunity to connect third-celebration bits towards the auger rather than adhering to exactly the same brand.

This enables you to shop around the best package for accessories, even though they’re from one more producer.

#7. Severe Weather Security

You will never know which kind of weather conditions you’ll be working in, as you might will need an auger around the hottest days of summer season or in the middle of winter months.

Preferably, the auger you choose should be prepared to be used in intense cool and heat with little work. You shouldn’t need to devote an extreme period of time seeking to start the motor in cold temperatures or keeping it awesome during the summer time.

Electric compared to. Fuel and Prop​​​​​ane

If you’ve determined you would like to buy a post hole auger, you’ll want to make the choice between electrical, gas, and propane.

Gas augers are known to hold the most power, but they also require most gas and therefore are messy to work with. Propane is way less of a inconvenience to work with, when you only have to move out canisters, however they are weightier than gas.

Finally, it is possible to select electric powered designs, which has far more advantages than gasoline and propane. With electric augers, all you have to do is recharge battery packs for power.

What’s much more, they are rated as the most light alternative. Though they likely won’t have the maximum amount of energy as gasoline, they still bring enough to drill numerous openings in just one sitting.

Can you Rent a Post Hole Digger?

You option, you are able to hire a single down in the community hardware store typically. Hiring is a great method of conserving some cash if you simply need to drill a couple of slots. If you will require your auger more than once or 2 times, consider purchasing one rather. You already know the auger is at tip top condition every time you use it.

Where to locate a One Man Post Hole Auger

Just as as essential as knowing what to look for within a a single guy post hole auger, you’ll need to find out where to locate a single.

The best resource you might have at your disposal is the internet, that you can search through many products in one place. Not to mention, you’ll have the ability to search through the convenience of your personal house.

On the internet, it is possible to have a look at many producers such as Earthquake, StrikeMaster, Eskimo, and Jiffy.

You’ll have access to their specs as well as customer reviews, which is priceless in making it possible to create the best selection.


Knowing thebenefits and drawbacks, featuring from the best post hole auger will give you a tool that you’ll reach for and use more than anything else within your lose. With the ability to easily drill down slots with minimal labor, setting up fences or decks will become substantially simpler.

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